The state of WI medical board, courtesy of lead investigator Arthur Thaxton, is investigating Wisconsin's Dr. Hoffmann for his lyme treatment protocols, which are according to ILADS Guidelines.

The state is possibly offering him a chance at avoiding a medical board proceeding if he essentially adheres to IDSA lyme treatment guidelines as well as "returns to school to take classes to learn how to properly treat" Lyme patients.

Doc H won't back down or abandon his patients. He has saved countless lives and people from a lifetime of agony. He takes everyone, no child is refused and even those in severe chronic states are treated to at least restore some semblance of normalacy to their lives. His fees are so paltry it is a wonder he is in business. This country doc is well known to travel across the state and visit patients undergoing surgery just to be there in support of them---and he is not a surgeon.

A disgruntled patient who was said to be a drug-seeking addict called an attorney when Doc H wouldn't give the narcotics they were seeking, which is how this began. Thexton got ahold of it and is lead investigator on the case. We wish to get ahold of Thexton in support of Doc H and other physicians who follow the ILADS Guidelines.

If this doctor is taken out by the IDSA and/or its sympathizers, the trend will continue until there are no more LLMD's left in this country. We only have to look at Dr. Burrascano, Dr. Charles Ray Jones and Dr. Joseph Jemsek and others to see what is happening.


And not a single patient more should be refused treatment because there are no LLMDs left to treat.


Call, email and/or write:
WI. Dept. of Regulation and Licensing - Arthur Thexton
Phone: 608-266-9814
Fax: 608-266-2264

Tell how LLMD's and the ILADS Guideline-following doctors have saved your life or other information that will be supportive.

PASS THIS ON TO EVERYONE YOU HAVE CONTACT WITH--in EVERY state, to bombard this investigator's office in support of Doctor H! We have people calling from Germany, the UK and other countries!

YOU and/or YOUR colleagues will be next!

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